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450 D3FC Heli ARF Kit

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(DD)Direct Drive (DFC)Direct flight control


First ever introduce Direct Drive Direct Flight control Head assembly on 450 RC heli that have completely remove main gear,auto rotation gear,tail gear,belt,pulley,every part that consumes power to hover and have even short life to danger the machines.

RCJunction first production 450 DD(Direct Drive) DFC(Direct Flight control) Metal head assembly powered by high performance,high voltage,Low Amp,high Torque BLDC PM motor and Even tail Direct drive Propulsion system that confirms the redundancy of  RC heli during high endurance that have never delivered in traditional RC helicopters.



DFC head have fewer moving parts

Low Maintenance

No main Gear nor Tear

No Auto-rotation Gear ,no replacement

No tail Gear ,never tail failure

No Belt,no Pulley,save Lot of propulsion system power

Easy Adoption to any Flight controller available in market like APM,Pixhalk,Naza-H



1  x  Full Carbon Fiber main Chassis

1  x  450 DFC Full Metal Head Assembly

1  x  DFC Swash-plate

3  x  High Torque Servo

1  x  High Power distribution Cables

1  x  UBEC 5amp+

1  x  DD(Direct Drive) Main Head Motor

1  x  DD(Direct Drive) Tail Motor

2  x  DD(Direct Drive) 6S 40amp ESC

1  x  Pair Carbon fiber Head rotor blades

1  x  Tail Rotor Propeller