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450 heli main Helical Gear

700 610



Model: TL45156
Weight: 50g
Use for TAROT, T-REX 450 Series.
Must with:Motor Pinion Helical Gear. (TL45147,TL45157,TL45159,TL45160 or H45157,H45159,H45160,H45161)


New style high strength 121 tooth Mod 0.6 helical main hear for 450 size helis.
The increase gear pitch can withstand higher power, at the same time minimize operational noise.
A great upgrade to withstand the modern high power system.
Utilizes high strength polymer plastic with excellent rigidity and flexibility characteristics.
Patented unique built in fan design to create induced air flow, effectively cooling electronics and motor.

Package Includes:

1 x Tarot 450 121T Slant Thread Main drive gear(121T)

Additional Information

Weight 0.250 kg