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32CH Diversity 7 inch Display


Product contains FPV screen and related apparatus only not included Radio system as it shows in image,its just for visual how it looks when fits well done.

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This FPV monitor is a medium sized 7″ screen with a super bright LCD and 5.8GHz  32CH diversity receiver, DVR and built in rechargeable battery. Excellent choice for  your FPV monitor, or as a secondary backup screen for your friends to watch.
The 500cd/m² is plenty bright for outdoor applications where you need a bright screen,  and the included sun shade will help keep unwanted light off the screen, reducing glare.
The built in DVR makes it easy to record your flights with a touch of a button, and the integrated rechargeagble battery keeps your FPV grounstation compact and easy to use.Easily watch back your recorded DVR footage straight from the monitor.
This monitor will not go to a blue or black screen when video signal is lost or static.
 Perfect for an FPV application where you don’t want your screen to go blank when the video signal is weak.
Multiple Inputs and Outputs
HDMI、Audio、Video、RF input, Video、3.5mm Earphone Jack output,DC in and with USB for upgrade TF Card Slot
Built-in Battery
2200mA Last for about 2 hours
Special design for Outdoor Operation
Channel Auto Searching
It supports 32-channels totally, Long press “Search” button to
realize auto channel searching function when aerial photography.
It’s much more convenient than traditional methods.
5.8GHz Wireless AV Receiver
· Built-in AV receiver support PAL / NTSC
· Simulation of composite video AV inputs, aerial camera connection
· 5.8Ghz frequency 4 Bands and total 32 channels
· Snow screen, no more “blue” screen
1.DOWN:Down button, down one option
2.UP:Up button, up one option
3.MENU:Menu key to enter / exit the DVR (Video) menu mode
4.MODE:Mode button to enter/ exit the playback mode
5.REC/OK:Recording start, stop/function confirm
6.SC SHOT:Screen Shotcut to record the monent of beauty
• Built-In DVR
        The built-in DVR allows you to record your incoming wireless video to optional microSD cards.You can set the recording resolution to 720 x 576, 640 x 480, or 320 x 240.
• DVR Loop Recording
        The DVR offers a loop recording feature that helps you maintain specific file lengths.You can choose intervals of 3,5,or 10 minutes,and when recording reaches the end of
         the designated time limit,the DVR will loop back to the beginning of the file and overwrite the previously recorded content.This mode is ideal for surveillance applications.
• DVR Motion Detection
         In motion detection mode, the DVR will automatically begin recording when a moving object is detected.

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