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ENDU 700 X4

210,000 189,190

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Hardware Features

• Higher clocked and High ROM processor with super strong computing ability

• Built in anti-vibration sensor

• Full metal casing provides excellent protection from Megnetic Flux

• High performance GPS receiver with Multi thread that Position the Drone more Accurate with more Satelite Data

• High-gain antenna for Long Range Linear performance

• Fast satellite searching speed and high accuracy positioning

• Dual power output, can power flight controller, gimbal and transmitter

• Voltage monitoring, low voltage alarm

• OverHeating Protection of ESC

• High Torque BLDC Motors

• Light Weight Extremely Rigid Carbon fiber Propeller Enhance Performance

• Stronger than Steel Yet Most Light Weight Carbon Fiber Frame Structure

• Sporty hood that enhance Performance In Dusty or Sunny Area by Securing Electronics

• Custom Designed and Manufactured LITHIUM Batteries on Basic of End Use

• Easy Startup and and Powerup Process for ReOnline the Drone after Battery change if have Extra LIPO

• Balance Charger Safe Your Battery and Life Span During charging.

Services and Software Features

• Airtime Upto 40 minutes on single Battery charge within 6000 to 9000 meters LOS(Line of sight).

• Can Achieve Total upto 120 minutes AIR TIME with one Extra Stop for New Battery Reloading.

• FPV Live Ground Station with 7 inch display Screen in the Range of up to 5000 to 7000 meters

• FPV OSD Displays Drone real time Power consumption,GPS position,Orientation,Distance,Height,Speed,Signal strength

• Stabilization Mode Simply Stabilize the Drone in Horizone Mode

• Altitude Mode Simply Stabilize the Drone and Hold the Current Altitude

• GPS Mode Controlles the Position,Altitude and stabilizing the Drone without any input from Radio

• Point of Interest Mode Locks the Drone Face and can Shoot in Circular mode Facing Drone head towards Center

• IOC Mode locks the Drone Orientation and simple the flight as needs

• RTH mode Activate Return to home and Safe land at Home potition in AutoPilot Mode

• Course Lock Mode will locks the Drone Course and fly with PreDefined Orientation as Headlock

• Failsafe protects the drone when Radio signal lost,Failsafe engages the drone in RTH mode

• Under Voltage or low Battery protection and indicator

• Camera motion Controlles from Radio set in Verticle and Horizontal Axis known as yaw and Pitch controlls

• Programable IR camera for extra osd on Video