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Software Features and Services:

• Airtime Upto 22 minutes on single Battery charge respect to payload capacity
• Can Achieve Total upto 80 minutes AIR TIME with extras
• FPV Live Ground Station with 4.3 inch display Screen in the Range of up to 3500feets at Flight Aspect Ratio
• HD1080 Recording Core updated for up to 64GB Memory (16gb microSD card Included)
• 2D Gimbal Controls over 2 Axis Anti vibration on motion and enhance the Video footage Quality
• Stabilization Mode Simply Stabilize the Drone in Horizon Mode
• Altitude Mode Simply Stabilize the Drone and Hold the Current Altitude
• GPS Mode Controls the Position,Altitude and stabilizing the Drone without any input from Radio
• Point of Interest Mode Locks the Drone Face and can Shoot in Circular mode Facing Drone head towards Center
• IOC Mode lock the Drone Orientation and simple the flight as needs
• RTH mode Return to home and Safe land at Home potition in AutoPilot Mode
• Failsafe protects the drone when Radio signal lost,Failsafe engages the drone in RTH mode
• Under Voltage or low Battery protection and indicator
• Low Voltage Alarm and Features Auto Land to secure Drone as OverUse of Battery and related parts

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Product Description:

RCJunction Reveals New Carbon Fiber Frame from High Tensile Extremely RIGID Carbon Fiber + Fiber Glass Frame Structured from Aircraft Grade Light Weight Alluminium Clamps and Bolts and Nuts Center plated with Corrosive Less Aluminum Carbon Fiber Frame with Sporty look HUD.

Most Lightweight Yet Rigid and Strong Carbon fiber Chassis for Large scale Quadcopter

An excellent 600 size QuadCopter/Coaxial Octacopter frame that is of a very rigid and robust construction. Many of the metal parts have been CNC machined from solid T6 aluminum, the booms are also manufactured from heavy duty thick walled Carbon fiber Extremely Strong and Rigid yet very Light weight. The other frame parts are made from high quality carbon fiber and Aircraft Grade Aluminum making this a very strong frame indeed, at a price that will not break the bank.

The function that sets this apart from other 600 size frames is that it is supplied with a beautifully made set of ideal platform for aerial video and photography. This makes the whole assembly very rigid and slop free and the operation is as smooth as silk. If Updates installed In the down position the geometry of the system goes over center and locks so that there is no load on the servo when the legs are in the down position with the weight of the Quadcopter/Coaxial Octacopter on them.

The RCJ610 suits a variety of motors that have 19-25mm mounting holes (max prop size 15″) and there is masses of room for all the other components on the large central platform. The battery mounts underneath in the normal manner on a tray that can slide backwards and forwards so as to achieve the correct balance.

• Strong rigid construction
• Exceptional value for money
• Most metal parts CNC machined from T6 aluminum
• Carbon fiber components
• 10cm Ground Clearance Fixed Carbon Fiber landing gear
• Easy to assemble
• Sporty Hood that covers and safe your Electronics
• Complete hardware pack of fixings etc

Diameter: 610mm (center to center of motors)
Total Height: up to 200mm
Center Frame Sheet: 150mmx150mm 1.5mm thick carbon fiber
Weight: less than 450g (frame only)

Hardware Features and Details:

• DJI Controller processor with super strong computing ability
• Built in anti-vibration sensor
• Full metal casing provides excellent protection from Megnetic Flux
• Supports dual-USB receiver for Extreme enhance the drone up to 32 channel
• Dual DSM satellite receiver for Fast Reaction time
• Specialized gimbal control interface, can directly control 2D gimbal Directly
• High performance GPS receiver with Multi thread that Position the Drone more Accurate with more Satelite Data
• High-gain antenna and Accessories for Long Range FPV Linear performance
• Fast satellite searching speed and high accuracy positioning
• Dual power output, can power flight controller, gimbal and transmitter
• Voltage monitoring, low voltage alarm
• OverHeating Protection of ESC
• High Torque BLDC Motors
• Light Weight Extremely Rigid Carbon fiber Propeller for Enhance Performance
• Stronger than Steel Yet Most Light Weight Carbon Fiber Frame Structure
• Sporty hood that enhance Performance In Dusty or Sunny Area by Securing Electronics
• Custom Designed and Manufactured LITHIUM base Batteries on Basic of End Use
• Easy Startup and and Powerup Process for ReOnline the Drone after Battery change
• Balance Charger Safe Your Battery and Life Span During charging.

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