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Carbon Fiber Frame

  • Folding Horizon X4

    16,000 14,490
  • Horizon X8(45+Minutes)

    211,000 209,000

    Software Features and Service

    • Airtime Upto 20 minutes on single Battery charge Delivers up to 45 minutes
    • FPV Live Ground Station with 4.3 inch display Screen in the Range of up to 15000Feets
    • FPV screen Displays Drone real time Power consumption,GPS position,Orientation,Distance,Height,Speed,Signal strength
    • 4K Recording Mode Switchable Core updated for up to 64GB Memory
    • 3D Gimbal Controls over 3 Axis Anti-vibration on motion and enhance the Video footage Quality
    • Stabilization Mode Simply Stabilize the Drone in Horizon Mode
    • Altitude Mode Simply Stabilize the Drone and Hold the Current Altitude
    • GPS Mode Controlles the Position,Altitude and stabilizing the Drone without any input from Radio
    • Point of Interest Mode Locks the Drone Face and can Shoot in Circular mode Facing Drone head towards Center
    • IOC Mode locks the Drone Orientation and simple the flight as needs
    • RTH mode Activate Return to home and Safe land at Home potition in AutoPilot Mode
    • Course Lock Mode will locks the Drone Course and fly with PreDefined Orientation as Headlock
    • Geo Fense can be Generate for Batter Drone Flying For Unidirection and Safety Feature under the RTH Command
    • Failsafe protects the drone when Radio signal lost,Failsafe engages the drone in RTH mode
    • Under Voltage or low Battery protection and indicator
    • 3D gimbal Controlles from Radio set in Vertical and Horizontal Axis known as Roll and Pitch controls
    • Can be used for Survey Area or patrolling
    • Can Use as Aerial Live Survey and recording the full event during flying