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Carbon Fiber Frame

  • Folding Horizon X4

    16,000 14,490
  • FRCJ690(Foldable Carbon Fiber Frame X4)

    12,999 11,890

    Videos and visual are coming soon…..!

  • Horizon X8(45+Minutes)

    211,000 209,000

    Software Features and Service

    • Airtime Upto 20 minutes on single Battery charge Delivers up to 45 minutes
    • FPV Live Ground Station with 4.3 inch display Screen in the Range of up to 15000Feets
    • FPV screen Displays Drone real time Power consumption,GPS position,Orientation,Distance,Height,Speed,Signal strength
    • 4K Recording Mode Switchable Core updated for up to 64GB Memory
    • 3D Gimbal Controls over 3 Axis Anti-vibration on motion and enhance the Video footage Quality
    • Stabilization Mode Simply Stabilize the Drone in Horizon Mode
    • Altitude Mode Simply Stabilize the Drone and Hold the Current Altitude
    • GPS Mode Controlles the Position,Altitude and stabilizing the Drone without any input from Radio
    • Point of Interest Mode Locks the Drone Face and can Shoot in Circular mode Facing Drone head towards Center
    • IOC Mode locks the Drone Orientation and simple the flight as needs
    • RTH mode Activate Return to home and Safe land at Home potition in AutoPilot Mode
    • Course Lock Mode will locks the Drone Course and fly with PreDefined Orientation as Headlock
    • Geo Fense can be Generate for Batter Drone Flying For Unidirection and Safety Feature under the RTH Command
    • Failsafe protects the drone when Radio signal lost,Failsafe engages the drone in RTH mode
    • Under Voltage or low Battery protection and indicator
    • 3D gimbal Controlles from Radio set in Vertical and Horizontal Axis known as Roll and Pitch controls
    • Can be used for Survey Area or patrolling
    • Can Use as Aerial Live Survey and recording the full event during flying

  • RCJ650 3D Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame

    9,900 8,890
    4 Channel or more transmitter and receiver
    1 x Multi-Rotor control board
    4 x 28-50mm diameter brushless motors(Upto 15 inch propeller Thrust Area for each boom)
    4 x 10-40amp brushless ESC
    4 x 8-15 inch propeller (2 standard/ 2 reverse rotation)
    1 x 3S-4S 3000-5000mah LiPoly battery and charger set Capable of Thrust Drive Profile Area Up to 15 inch Carbon Fiber propeller.If,Included Image have Propeller and Motor mounted thats not included in this Frame set,This Package includes Only Forester650 Carbon Fiber Full Frame Set only
    Additional Information:
    • Item Code: RCJ6503DCFFRAMEONLY