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  • 1.2Ghz LawMate LR setup

    30,000 28,900

    TX Includes

      • 1.2 GHz 1000mW AV transmitter V2
      • SMA type dipole antenna x 1
      • Jack connector to RCA AV input and power input cable x 1
      • Note: BNC to RCA adpater is sold separately in accessories.


      • 1 x Video Receiver RX-1260CK
      • 1 x Stereo jack to RCA AV output cable
      • 1 x LawMate Stock dipole antenna


    • LawMate TM-121800 1.2Ghz 1.3Ghz 1000mW Wireless Video Transmitter
    • LawMate TM-120500LM 1.2Ghz 500mW Wireless Video Transmitter
    • LawMate TM-120200mini 1.2Ghz 100mW Wireless Video Transmitter
    • The stock whip antenna can be replaced by LawMate MP-1205 1.2Ghz 5dBi Panel Antenna Or for better reception, longer range, you can consider 1.2Ghz 14dBi Patch Antenna
    • For ultimate long range, an antenna tracking device is recommended. Check our MFD AAT, the world’s first automatic antenna tracker for FPV
    • For ground station recording, we recommend you to use LawMate PV-500EVO HD Touch Screen Portable Recorder
    • For power solution please use 3S1P battery with JST plug (NOTE: NO FREE SHIPPING ALLOWED, DHL ONLY!!) and JST to DC barrel type plug

    Capable to Achieve More than 10 km,

    Tested Ok at 7 km at 100meter height at 100% Signal strength

  • 15x-55x Focus Pocket Monocular

    1,990 1,890
    Additional Information:
    • Item Code: 55XMONOCULAR
    • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
    • Packaging Details: Package includes:1 x Monocular1 x Hand Strap

      1 x lens cleaning cloth

  • 4K Action FireFly

    17,900 16,590
    Additional Information:
    • Item Code: 4KACTIONCAMERA
    • Packaging Details: Package Included:
      1 x FIREFLY 6S 4K WiFi Sport HD DV Camera
      1 x AV Cable
      1 x Waterproof Case
      1 x 1600mAh Battery
      1 x Lens Cover
      1 x USB cable
      1 x Sport accessories
      1 x Manual
  • 5.8GHZ 200mw FPV TX+RX

    4,850 4,750

    Package Included of TX:
    1 x TS351 transmitter
    1 x Stock dipole whip antenna
    1 x Power in harness
    1 x Power out Video out Audio out harness

    Package Included of RX:
    1 x RC305 Receiver
    1 x antenna
    2 x cable


    Additional Information:
    • Item Code: 58GHZ200MWTXRX
    • Delivery Time: 7-15 DAYS
  • 600MW 5.8GHZ FPV Set

    14,890 12,990
    Additional Information:
    • Item Code: 600MWFPVSET7INCH

    Packaging Details:
    1 x Eachine TS832S transmitter

    1 x cable

    1 x antenna

    1 x 7″ LCD Screen Receiver Monitor with built in Rechargable Battery

    2 x 5.8G Antenna

    2 x AV Cable

    1 x Charger

  • RCJ610 FPV

    70,000 68,900

    Software Features and Services:

    • Airtime Upto 22 minutes on single Battery charge respect to payload capacity
    • Can Achieve Total upto 80 minutes AIR TIME with extras
    • FPV Live Ground Station with 4.3 inch display Screen in the Range of up to 3500feets at Flight Aspect Ratio
    • HD1080 Recording Core updated for up to 64GB Memory (16gb microSD card Included)
    • 2D Gimbal Controls over 2 Axis Anti vibration on motion and enhance the Video footage Quality
    • Stabilization Mode Simply Stabilize the Drone in Horizon Mode
    • Altitude Mode Simply Stabilize the Drone and Hold the Current Altitude
    • GPS Mode Controls the Position,Altitude and stabilizing the Drone without any input from Radio
    • Point of Interest Mode Locks the Drone Face and can Shoot in Circular mode Facing Drone head towards Center
    • IOC Mode lock the Drone Orientation and simple the flight as needs
    • RTH mode Return to home and Safe land at Home potition in AutoPilot Mode
    • Failsafe protects the drone when Radio signal lost,Failsafe engages the drone in RTH mode
    • Under Voltage or low Battery protection and indicator
    • Low Voltage Alarm and Features Auto Land to secure Drone as OverUse of Battery and related parts